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Information Overload

Most of us wake up to a daily rush of helpful tips in our inbox that sends our brain spinning. From eNewsletters, sales pitches, and advertising techniques to the latest social media trend, “Information Overload” is the simplest way to describe this phenomenon.

Business owners struggle with having to attend to the day-to-day operations, but wanting to embrace new opportunities for growth. It doesn’t help that most get flooded with the latest and greatest marketing options and strategies, all promising to be the right one for your product or service!

Don’t let a good idea get lost in the flood of spam. When considering what course of action is right for your organization, a few questions to contemplate are:

  • How does the strategy relate to your company image, product, and target audience?
  • What message are you presenting and how does your implied call to action relate?
  • What is the cost of implementation and estimated return on investment?

Sifting through an ever-changing sea of options to find the right tactic for your company can be time consuming and overwhelming. You could use the power of the delete button and ignore all, or be driven crazy by all the things that COULD be done. Or curve the frustration and confusion by contacting C. Liston Communications for help analyzing, embracing, and implementing the right marketing strategies for your company.