New Media Ain’t Always Pretty

Does new media lure people into a “form over function” trap? Having a marketing tool that sends the wrong message is just like having a beautiful chair that’s painfully uncomfortable. Not every video has to have high production value and not every social media post needs to be professionally crafted, but it’s crucial to evaluate what you are putting out there.

Is the messaging of your new media in line with your corporate messaging? You might branch out into more personal information and images to create a bond with your target audience, but be sure that you are true to the persona you’ve created as part of your corporate image. Did you hear the one about the guy who did a video training on marketing with his messy bed in the background? True story, and I learned about it when it was the topic of conversation amongst his potential clients. They were amused, but not sold.

Consider the priorities of the new media in your overall marketing as well. Are you sinking hours laboring over getting a video perfect while your basic website is suffering? Before you get distracted, list all the ways you should be connecting to your target audience and triage your marketing needs. It may be that new media is a central part of your marketing plan, but most companies need to make sure they have the basics competently covered first. If you need help planning and prioritizing which media avenues are right for your business, connect with CLC today.