2018 Is Here. Are You Market-Ready?

2018 Happy New Goals on Purple Background

Will your current marketing collateral help you reach your goals in 2018? Becoming more profitable means selling the right services to the right clients. Determine what you need to sell (and to whom) and then communicate in a clear, concise and professional manner: “THIS is how my magic happens.”

Every piece of collateral that speaks for you should CONNECT with the right target and CONVINCE them to give you a try: your logo, cards, brochures, mailings and website should be an instant and convincing expression of your ability to fulfill your customer’s desires. Your messaging should be rich with images that communicate immediately and emotionally, paired with words that explain how you are different, better, and the one they’ve been looking for.

Now is the time to ask yourself: will your current marketing materials support your 2018 goals or hold you back? Appeal to a specific audience with a targeted postcard or brochure. Update your website to reflect the company you want to be. You can even update your logo/tagline if what you have doesn’t resonate with the right people.

Most importantly, don’t forget to represent yourself with quality. Know that do-it-yourself marketing tactics mean an immense loss of time and a suite of materials that are unprofessional and disjointed at best. At worst, they have bad spelling and grammar, lack clear messaging, or miss the target audience entirely. Start 2018 smart; hone your cohesive, professional corporate identity with C. Liston Communications.