Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

As the world of online information began to explode, decades ago, it was clear that the need for and use of print would change. It has. But far from being unnecessary, printed materials have come to make their content more special simply by virtue of being in print.

Print is the phoenix of marketing communication. Why?

FOCUS. Print gives specialness to chosen content and helps readers focus on specific information, instead of swimming in a sea of never-ending and unpredictable content.

TACTILITY. The touchable nature of print—which we once took for granted—engages an additional sense and connects on a deeper level.

RESPITE. Print gives its audience an opportunity chance to unplug, to escape the assault of lighted, flashing screens.

Online sources are invaluable in many cases, like up-to-the-minute information and specific searches. Consider, though, that what makes them great for some messages also makes them less significant if you have an audience you can reach physically.

If what you have to say is special, consider print.