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Setting the Tone

In Asian countries, the exchange of business cards is a respectful and precise ritual that sets the tone for the new relationship. Each card is an extension of the person giving it; it is clean, correct and presented with respect. Running out of cards, or course, is a sign of unpreparedness. The recipient views, appreciates and holds the card during the conversation, never writing on the face or shoving the card in a pocket. Bring a little Asia to your next greeting—respect yourself, your company and the people you meet. If your business card doesn’t represent you well, connect with us today!

Finally, SHOES!

Have you heard the old saw about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot? Well, we at CLC have been so busy for our clients over the past couple of years that we’ve neglected our own website in a terrible way. The good news is that the new site has finally launched, and there is a plethora of new work to review. Logos and websites and galas, oh my!

It’s certainly not perfect, because the beauty of websites is that you can edit them AFTER publishing. And it will never be completely done, because a good website will keep growing and changing. But we’re delighted to have a new platform from which to show you what we love to do. Enjoy…