AADURI Website

Project Description

Aaduri Healing Arts is an example of a client who we live to serve: the small business owner who specializes in personal, high quality service. Once customers try the service they’ll return, but the business owner needs our help in making an initial connection with their target audience(s). We get to know each business, identify key services and differentiators, and provide custom deliverables that convince potential customers to try the service.

Our work for Aaduri Healing Arts has included: logo redraw, business card design, notecard design, ad design, online banners and website design.

About the Client

aaduri-logoAaduri Healing Arts is a neighborhood wellness center specializing in relaxation and better health. Located in the Moravia – Walther district of Baltimore, Aaduri is based on the belief that each customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Aaduri utilizes massage to help their clients achieve and maintain optimum health and offers a neighborhood boutique with healing gifts for wellness you can take home.