Eat Right Website


Project Description

Jeanne is a great example of a client who called us in to pinch hit when others had let her down. Many years ago the logo that had been developed for her new company was left in an unfinished state, and we helped her to get it where she wanted it.  She called again in 2014 when her webmaster vanished, and we developed a new, responsive, client-editable version that retained much of her beloved old design but with beloved new functionality. We won’t get offended if you call us second, or third, or fourth… but it’s cheaper to call us first.

Our work for Jeanne Varney and Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well has included: Logo redraw and editing, business card design, website redevelopment.

About the Client

Nutrition Consultant Jeanne Varney’s company name says it all. She’s devoted to helping her clients gain a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyles that work best for them. She’s a guide to lifestyle changes for increased energy, protection against chronic disease and digestive disorders, and/or weight loss or control, as well as serving as a partner to high level athletes who want to maximize their performance and training.