Energeze Brand Identity

Project Description

Not just the masters of managing body pain, Prezacor’s marketing guru manages her graphic design pain by calling on CLC. Banner design due to signmaker on Friday? Got it. Edit, print and ship brochures directly to the conference? Done. Need to brainstorm a new piece and review all production options? Can do. Get CLC on your project and get on with your daily activity.

Our work for Prezacor®, Inc./Energeze® Patch has included: business card design, brochure design, banner design and various trade show materials.

About the Client

Prezacor®, Inc., developer of the Energeze® Patch, was founded by two physicians in 2005. The Prezacor scientists created a thin, flexible semi-conductor device that can accept an electrical charge, act as a capacitor and subsequently release the accumulated energy at lower frequencies and intensities. The scientists found that this unique patch delivers low wavelength energy when placed on the body, producing a soothing relaxation response.