What Spins the Wheel Book

Project Description

In approximately the same number of days as the client’s epic ride, we compiled, edited and print-readied the illustrations and data for the book that chronicles it. On each chapter header page, we incorporated Len’s fantastic hand-drawn “doodles” about each leg of the journey, with the trip data, US progress map, and a photo of the Hopecam child who served as the daily inspiration.

Our work for Len Forkas and What Spins the Wheel has included: Book cover design, Photoshop magic for images throughout book, book chapter header design, speech cards, and promotional bookmarks.

About the Client

Businessman, philanthropist, author and devoted father Len Forkas found the strength to turn his son’s leukemia diagnosis into inspiration. He founded Hopecam, rode his bicycle across the US in 11 days to raise awareness, and wrote a book about the experience. In 2014, with his now-healthy son, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to continue fundraising and awareness efforts. Len is a popular keynote speaker on overcoming challenges, mental determination, and team motivation, trust and empowerment.