Project Description

Developing a logo for a burgeoning company on a starter budget requires analysis and foresight. We get to know the owner, the business, and the direction they are heading so that the brand will serve them well as they grow. For Peridona, we were challenged to catch light in a bottle and refine it for corporate/government palate, illustrating the brilliance and order that the client brings to the organizations she serves.

Our work for Peridona Strategies has included: logo development, business card design, web banners.

About the Client

peridonaPeridona Strategies partners with clients to access that inner brilliance and use it to solve problems, create solutions and transform performance. At Peridona, they are passionate about digging deep to uncover what’s really working or not working, rolling up their sleeves along side clients and tapping into the brilliance that already resides within to move your organization to it’s next stage.