Project Description

Choosing to spend on marketing is a daunting task for any new business owner. The important questions, however, are 1) how many jobs it will take to pay for that marketing effort? and 2) how do you get those jobs without that marketing effort? We armed photographer Krysten Svingala to build her business with a couple of leave-behind postcards that targeted her most enjoyable and profitable markets.

Our work for Krysten Svingala Photography has included: logo redevelopment, Engagement Session postcard, and Newborn Session postcard.

About the Client

kristyn-svigAs a cataloger of life’s special moments, Krysten Svingala brings an open mind and artistic eye to every opportunity. Working predominantly with natural light sources, she has found that her favorite photos are those that are unposed, uncluttered and all about the people in them. Spending her days capturing different journeys, Krysten has learned to cherish the little details—tiny little fingers and toes, a glance between people in love, the kind and tender look from a mother to her daughter—while the big picture view remains.